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As your income and assets grow, you want a professional financial advisor who will plan from your perspective – someone who understands your needs and objectives, someone principled who will help you plan for your financial future.  You want an advisor with these qualities and values.  You can find those advisors with Tucker Financial Services.  The advisors at Tucker Financial Services are Fee-Based, meaning we get paid by our clients and not by a company.  This creates a client first environment that we strictly adhere to here at TFS.


Since 1979, Tucker Financial Services has guided clients’ wealth through bull and bear markets. We have helped them build and protect their retirement money through changes in the local economy, and through career and business transitions.


Tucker Financial Services values true independent thinking. That is why we are aligned with one of the most respected independent Broker/Dealers in the industry, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. With Cambridge, we have total independence as to how we operate our business, and they provide all of the back office support an independent advisor requires such as compliance, marketing, licensing and regulatory updates. This freedom allows us more time and energy to focus on our clients.

Service Oriented

Kevin grew up in Northeast Kansas and Joe in Northwest Missouri, where service to others is a way of life.  Kevin and Joe look at every day as an opportunity to help others.  They want to make sure every time you leave the office you look forward to coming back for two reasons. One, you like working with them and two you find them to be a valuable resource for you.

At TFS we work on your behalf with professionals in other fields, including law, accounting, banking, and insurance, which helps to bring together a well-rounded personal planning picture.  Our clients receive ongoing client service and communication – through regularly scheduled meetings, bi-monthly newsletters, and client events.

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